Spring 2017
Extended Education

We are excited to announce with the success of the "Who Made These Stupid Rules?", we will     be teaching 3 training courses  to help you uncover hidden opportunities every day...

Marketing & Sales

January 17-24, 2017

Looking for that professional edge? Want to drive interest in you or your products? Want to close more deals and build long term growth? This fun, fast-paced, upbeat workshop is for you! Learn tips, tricks, strategy, and insights from a Sales Leader to help you achieve your ultimate goals!

Fast Start Business 

February 8-15, 2017

Have a plan? Have a dream? Want to start your own business but don’t know where to begin? Need help expanding your concept or building your business/marketing plan? Don’t know who to ask or where to search for funding options? This exciting and hands-on workshop is for you!

Motivation & Team Building 
Leadership Conference

February 28-March 7, 2017

Want to bring your team together? Want to motivate and inspire your team? Want to pave the way for long term growth and stability? Want to retain top talent? This informative, thought-provoking, fun and upbeat Leadership Conference is for you. Learn to remove the “Stupid Rules” that hold us back from achieving our goals. Build your Roadmap for Growth!!!

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