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How do you Prepare for the Unknown?

This fun, thought-provoking and informative 1-hour workshop will help you and your team plan around the unknowns of new opportunities, new laws/regulatory changes or challenges to
seize new opportunities as a Strong Team..,
"Strong Teams Drive Results"

Adam Brest, the owner of and author of "Who Made These Stupid Rules?", has always thought differently about achieving goals and preparing for the future. With the recent changes in government, the Great Unknowns about the Affordable Care Act, Regulations, Market Opportunities, and overall business landscape can generate a lot of fear and hesitation. "What if we prepare for the wrong thing?" "How do we even prepare for the unknown?" "How can we put our employees at ease?" "What can we do to grow when customers are changing too?" 

These questions can have a tremendous impact on your team's productivity. Here is your opportunity to inspire your team, learn the tips and tricks to prepare for the unknowns to come, set your goals for any contingency, and be ready to seize every opportunity before your competition. But we want to focus directly on You...Your Business, Your Team, Your Goals, Your Obstacles, Your Unknowns.. to help You!

Custom Event Overview...

1 Hour - Luncheon, Team Meeting, or Afterhours

Biggest Unknowns that could affect your Team

Led discussion about "Your Greatest Unknowns"

We Build your Road Map to Prepare

Closing and Goal Alignment Challenge