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The "Who Made These Stupid Rules?" Team has launched our Sliced Bread Video Series to help you view obstacles & issues differently and help you find new solutions to old challenges in life, business, and your career...

Learn directly from Adam Brest, author - speaker - trainer - innovator, how to remove your obstacles and seize the opportunities around you every day!!

Be Inspired - Come to Learn... Learn to Achieve..

"Who Made These Stupid Rules?"

Available now on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

by Adam M. Brest

Break through the "Stupid Rules" that hold us back from achieving our goals, growth, and reaching our fullest potential. "Who Made these Stupid Rules" is a ground-breaking new approach to success, life, motivation, goals, sales, and leadership. It's a MUST READ for anyone at any point in their career - filled with humor, insight, personal stories and analogies to keep you engaged and smiling from cover to cover...

Asking the Right Questions
Create your Sliced Bread Moment
Align your Goals & Build a Team of Allies
Personability & Motivation
Stop Searching for Pig #3