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Putting your Ideas into Action

A fun, upbeat, humorous, informative, and unique perspective into removing obstacles. Part of our "Sliced Bread" Speaking Tour

What could happen if you put your Ideas into Action in your business? What is holding you back? Schedule your own event today with Adam Brest and learn how to put your Ideas into Action!!

It has nothing to do with being the biggest… it is all about being your best… Learn how to be a leader in your market, define your own path that others have to follow. Learn how to build your Road Map to success & growth through Adam Brest’s Strategy of putting ideas into action....

Turn your Ideas into Action - Small Business… Big Results

"Who Made These Stupid Rules?"

Available now on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

by Adam M. Brest

Break through the "Stupid Rules" that hold us back from achieving our goals, growth, and reaching our fullest potential. "Who Made these Stupid Rules" is a ground-breaking new approach to success, life, motivation, goals, sales, and leadership. It's a MUST READ for anyone at any point in their career - filled with humor, insight, personal stories and analogies to keep you engaged and smiling from cover to cover...

Asking the Right Questions
Create your Sliced Bread Moment
Align your Goals & Build a Team of Allies
Personability & Motivation
Stop Searching for Pig #3