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A motivated team is like a fast-moving stream... little rocks don't upset the overall flow. A de-motivated team is like a still pond... that same little rock sends ripples racing in opposite directions towards the shore - upsetting the flow and requires a lot of work to settle down.

Is your team a fast-moving stream or a still pond? This simple thought is the essence of GoalRipple.com...

  • How motivated is our team?
  • How many of our team members are searching for new jobs?
  • Are we removing daily obstacles for our team members?
  • What is important to our Team?
  • Do we know our Team's Goals?
  • Do we ask the right questions?
  • How stable is our Team?

      See the GoalRipple.com difference

Using our innovative techniques, insight, templates, and approach, we can help you inspire and motivate your team to achieve. 

It starts with a phone call or email and simple discussion... We WILL make a difference for your team through looking deeper at what drives them. We help you inspire your team to achieve your goals..

We will help your business thrive and inspire your team into action... Contact us today..

Break through the "Stupid Rules" that hold us back from achieving our goals, growth, and reaching our fullest potential. "Who Made these Stupid Rules" is a ground-breaking new approach to success, life, motivation, goals, sales, and leadership. It's a MUST READ for anyone at any point in their career - filled with humor, insight, personal stories and analogies to keep you engaged and smiling from cover to cover...

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