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Client Retention

Are you actively or passively retaining clients? Can your team recite your Client Rentention Strategy? What is your average length of service with current clients? 

Gaining new customers requires a strategy. Keeping customers requires a different strategy. What is yours?

The best customer to gain is the one you already have. Yes, a gain. Most of the sales team's focus is geared toward gaining new customers and "servicing" existing customers.  Working to "retain" existing customers is a vastly different focus.

  • What is our client rentention rate?
  • Is our rate good? What should it be?
  • How can we strengthen our bond?
  • Are we actively retaining clients?
  • Why/When do we lose clients?
  • How stable is our customer base?
  • How would our clients value us?

      See the difference

We will help your team form an active Customer Retention Strategy to provide the framework for continued new account growth and growth withing existing accounts.

Our insight and experience will highlight areas for improvement to assess your current retention rate, set a goal to achieve, and provide the tools to exceed your goals. 

Active customer management is paramount to continued growth. We will show you how..

We will help your business thrive and inspire your team into action... Contact us today..

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