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Motivational Speaker,
Author & Business Leader,
Corporate Growth Trainer,
Sales & Marketing Coach

Adam M. Brest is the fun, inspirational, uplifting, thought-prokoving, informative and motivational speaker who is perfect for your next event....
His mix of personal stories, fun analogies, and insight will keep your Team engaged, thinking differently, and constantly inspired to succeed.
Break Through the "Stupid Rules"
with Adam M. Brest ... 

Keynote Speaking
& Corporate Events

Presentations for every Industry & Topic

An inspiring view of the world and the insight to view problems differently. Adam Brest is the speaker who brings it is all. Part Informative, Part Humor, Part Entertainment... but always Inspiring...

Inspiration & Energy
for your Conference

Keep your Attendees Engaged & Entertained

Adam Brest takes a personal approach to Conferences & Seminars. With the experience of speaking for years, he will tailor his presentation to your event theme to inspire your attendees...

Corporate Training
& Business Coaching

Tangible Solutions for Team Growth

From the sales floor & conference room to the board room, for years, Adam Brest has been training Teams and Business owners to achieve their potential through building their Road Map to Growth...

Community, Book, &
Custom Events

Build your Own "Sliced Bread" Event

Whether it is a holiday party, charity event, community event, business grand opening, or commerical work, Adam Brest is the first choice to make your event special. Contact us today!!


"Viewing Goals as Opportunities"

Learn to Build the Goal Ripple Effect to drive your team into the future and overcome obstacles.

Learn how every Goal has Opportunities for Success hidden under the suface, waiting to be discovered.

Learn to view the Big Picture of of Goals before narrowing the focus - "Where are we going? How do we get there?"

Are you a Still Pond or Fast-Moving River? Do the goals you set help you achieve success or hold you back? Are you asking the Right Questions to realize your full potential. 

In this presenation, Adam Brest, with humor and insight, will walk you through the process of broadening your goals, viewing the end destination, to help you see how many hidden "Gems of Opportunity" are around you every day, just waiting to be discovered. This is our "most-booked presentation" - filled with personal stories, background on "Who Made These Stupid Rules?", and case studies to highlight how to recognize, seize, and capture opportunities every day...

Inspirational Topics & Presentations for Every Event
  • "Viewing Goals as Opportunities"
  • "The Goal Ripple Effect"
  • "Break through the Stupid Rules"
  • "Inviting Opportunity to Knock"
  • "Ideas into Action"
  • "Creating Sliced Bread Moments"


"The Propecting Paradox"

Learn the Power of your Current Customers
Learn the 3 Types of Prospecting
Learn to Gain more Referrals
Learn how to Recognize Trends Faster
Learn how to Pounce on Opportunities

Transform your Sales Program with this
insight from Adam Brest - a Sales Leader...

Tangible results… Actionable Solutions… This up-beat, informative & interactive presentation will change the way you view prospecting, gaining referrals, active marketing, customer interactions and how to seize opportunities. The Goal - to build a roadmap to growth.

Learn the 3 types of prospecting and share the secrets and experiences he learned in his own business which helped him maintain a 95% Sales Closing Rate. Dedication Drives Results...

Other Solutions to drive Success for your Team
  • "The Prospecting Paradox"
  • "Making the Competition Fear You"
  • "Framing your Message"
  • "Building a Team of Allies"
  • "Viewing Goals as Opportunities"
  • "Creating Sliced Bread Moments"


"Ideas into Action - 
Small Business... Big Results"

Learn how to view & break down challenges. Learn how to Ask the Right Questions.  Learn how to build the foundation to let your Ideas soar. Learn how to build Idea Momentum. 

Leave with a plan of action & tangible solutions to put your Ideas into Action today!!

What could happen if you put your Ideas into Action in your business? What is holding you back? Schedule your own event today with Adam Brest and learn how to put your Ideas into Action!!

It has nothing to do with being the biggest… it is all about being your best… Learn how to be a leader in your market, define your own path that others have to follow. Learn how to build your Road Map to success & growth through Adam Brest’s Strategy of putting ideas into action....

Topics Suited for your Conference Members/Attendees
  • "Ideas into Action - Small Business...Big Results"
  • "Building a Road Map to Growth"
  • "Ready, Set, Grow!!"
  • "Into The Great Unknown" - HR Teams
  • Counting on Tomorrow - Acting Today!!"


Build your Custom Event with Adam Brest

A Sample from our:
"Sliced Bread Video Series"

The "Who Made These Stupid Rules?" Team & Adam Brest launched the "Sliced Bread Video Series" as a fun share-able series to Inspire, have a little fun outside of the conference room or stage, and serves as our place to share thoughts about Creating Sliced Bread Moments.

Whether it is help with a special goal for your team or a special event for your valued clients, Adam Brest will help you build the perfect message and event to keep people talking for years to come. With the driven passion to make every event special and insightful, Adam Brest loves helping relate topics & objectives to special event themes.

Contact us today to Build your Own Custom Event with Adam Brest...

What Event do you have planned?
  • Community Inspiration Event
  • Company Holiday Event
  • Client Appreciation Event
  • Charity Events & Appearances
  • New Branding Initiative
  • Grand Opening or New Location


"Who Made These Stupid Rules?"

Available now on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

by Adam M. Brest

Break through the "Stupid Rules" that hold us back from achieving our goals, growth, and reaching our fullest potential. "Who Made these Stupid Rules" is a ground-breaking new approach to success, life, motivation, goals, sales, and leadership. It's a MUST READ for anyone at any point in their career - filled with humor, insight, personal stories and analogies to keep you engaged and smiling from cover to cover...

Asking the Right Questions
Create your Sliced Bread Moment
Align your Goals & Build a Team of Allies
Personability & Motivation
Stop Searching for Pig #3